What’s the value of your home in the Lehigh Valley real estate market?

Find your Lehigh Valley Home Value with your personal report.

If you are interested in selling a home in the Lehigh Valley real estate market, the first step is to find your Lehigh Valley home’s value.  Just complete the following form and Deb & Joe will prepare your market analysis and provide you with valuable information on selling your home. There’s no obligation to use their services, they’re providing this as a community service.

Factors That Affect Your Lehigh Valley Home Value

Location — Is your home in a desirable location?  Is your home situated near high power lines, railroad tracks, or other undesirable objects?

Competition — What are other comparable homes in the area selling for?  We will evaluate active, pending, sold, and expired listings from the past 6 to 12 months.

Supply and Demand — How many homes are available for sale in your area and in your price range?  If there are many, you will need to lower your price to attract a buyer.  If there are few, you can likely raise the price and still find a buyer.

Mortgage Market — What are the current mortgage interest rates?

Economy — Is the economy strong or in a recession?

Condition — Have you kept your home in good condition?  Is it in move-in condition for a potential buyer, or will they need to make repairs or replacements before moving in?

Style — Does your home have a livable floor plan that flows easily?  Does it seem open and airy or choppy and dark?

There are many factors that may not seem obvious to that can effect your Lehigh Valley Home Value. Through our years of experience we can help you to navigate the market and accurately price your home.


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