Here are all of the homes for sale in the Northern Lehigh School District which is comprised of the boroughs of Slatington and Walnutport as well as Washington Township, Lehigh County. The district utilizes Peters Elementary for grades K-2 and then children advance to Slatington Elementary School for grades 3-6; the junior high school building covers 7th and 8th grade and a separate building houses high school students.

Northern Lehigh School District has an interesting history, starting life as three different schools.  On July 7, 1952, a merger between the Slatington School District and the Walnutport School District became reality. The new school district became the Blue Valley Union School District. Washington Township School District remained as before. In the early portion of 1953, construction of a new Walnutport Elementary School, located at Lincoln Avenue in the borough of Walnutport began. On August 20, 1953, a joint school agreement was made between the Blue Valley Union School District and the Washington Township School District known as the Northern Lehigh Joint Schools.

On July 1, 1966, the Blue Valley Union School District and the Washington Township School District merged to form the Northern Lehigh School District as we know it today.  The Slatington High School and Slatington Junior High School names were changed on June 11, 1980 to the Northern Lehigh High School and the Northern Lehigh Junior High School. On October 10 of the same year the Lincoln Elementary School property and Smith Hall Athletic Complex property were sold to Lehigh County Housing Authority for $75,000.00. A year later, in May 1981, the Slatedale Elementary building was sold; from this point forward, the only elementary school in Washington Township was found at Peters Elementary. Construction of the new Northern Lehigh High School was completed this year, just across the street from the former high school building on the site of the old Alumni Football Field. At this juncture in time, the student enrollement for the district was 2,220, the highest on record.

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