How Staging Helps You Net More When Selling

The Impact Staging Your Home Has on Sales Price

Some Highlights:

The #1 Reason to List your Lehigh Valley Home TODAY!

The #1 Reason to List Your House Today! | MyKCM

Many people believe that selling their house during “the spring buyers’ market” is the best thing to do. Their reasoning is that there will be more buyers than there are during the winter months and, therefore, their house will sell quicker and for a higher price.

Why Is There So Much Paperwork Required to Get a Mortgage?

Why is there so much paperwork mandated by the lenders for a mortgage loan application when buying a home today? It seems that they need to know everything about you and requires three separate sources to validate each and every entry on the application form.

The Real Reason Home Prices are Rising

There are many unsubstantiated theories as to why home values are continuing to increase in the Lehigh Valley. From those who are worried that lending standards are again becoming too lenient (data shows this is untrue), to those who are concerned that prices are again approaching boom peaks because of “irrational exuberance” (this is also untrue as prices are not at peak levels when they are adjusted for inflation), there seems to be no shortage of opinion.

Is it Getting too Easy to Get a Mortgage?

There is little doubt that it is easier to get a home mortgage today than it was last year. The Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI), published by the Mortgage Bankers Association, shows that mortgage credit has become more available in each of the last several years. In fact, in just the last year:

Feeling ‘Stuck in Place’? You Aren’t Alone… And There’s Hope!

Feeling ‘Stuck in Place’? You Aren’t Alone… And There’s Hope! | MyKCM

Whether you are a renter who is searching for your dream home or a homeowner who feels like your only option is to renovate, you have at least one thing in common: feeling stuck in place.

Median Home Price Highest in 9 years

The latest number from the Great Lehigh Valley Realtors Association is confirming what we’ve been advising since February; home prices are on the rise. The combination of still low interest rates, more buyers looking for homes, and a shortage of inventory have all combined to create the highest sale prices for homes since July 2008. While I’ve often cited August 2008 as the beginning of the market crash in the Lehigh Valley you can be assured that this month’s news will NOT be followed up by bad news next month!

Some Facts About Selling Your House “As Is”

Sometimes people inherit a home they simply need to unload and other times they don’t want to make the effort to make repairs or tune up the home’s curb appeal. For these home owners looking for a quick sale, they often think selling a home “as is” is the way to go. If you’re like most folks, you might think the “as is” sale means “take it or leave it” and “what you see is what you get.”

Home for Sale at 916 S Delps Rd, Danielsville

Another great new home is on the market from the Deb and Joe Corcoran Group and this one is at 916 S Delps Rd, Danielsville! We often have people tell us they want a beautiful home in the quiet countryside, away from the hustle and bustle and noise. They want a great view, a nice backyard and a pool; a great place to enjoy life. Guess what? We found it! This great home is only 15 years old and looks great from top to bottom. Beautiful hardwood floors, granite countertops and all the other top-level finishes are here, including three fireplaces. The family room features a wood-burning fireplace, while the living room and master bedroom both have propane fireplaces.

New Home for Sale at 1748 Crowder Ave, Shillington

Wonderful Shillington home ready to welcome a new family and new memories! Make this home yours and you’ll enjoy the warm and cozy winter nights by the fireplace, great meals in the spacious kitchen and summer afternoons playing in the back yard. This home is not far from Lancaster Avenue and 222 and close to many of the area’s major employers like The Reading Hospital, Penn State Health St Joseph, Car-Tech, and all of the colleges. Many of the home’s major mechanicals have been updated in recent years, including the roof (2015), air conditioning (2014) and a new economical gas furnace in 2007. Add in a great floor plan and a location like this and this home surely won’t last long! Make your plans to see it today!